Mikroregion Velkomeziříčsko-Bítešsko

Microregions as voluntary groupings of municipalities are currently important entities whose task is protection and promotion of common interests, especially mutual cooperation and coordinated approach to general development and performance of autonomous competences of municipalities, common implementation of joint projects and cooperation in the area of economic and cultural life of municipalities while making the areas in question  more visible and creating preconditions for economic development.

Microregions are able to resolve some interests of their members more efficiently than individual municipalities acting solely.

Common activities may be aimed at improvement of the quality of infrastructure, at a well-functioning development centre of the microregion, out-of-school education, at various activity programmes for seniors, at development of the tourist industry and small and medium-size enterprises, etc.


The voluntary grouping of municipalities known as the Microregion of Velké Meziříčí and Velká Bíteš was established in 2004 by 54 municipalities. At present this microregion has 57 member municipalities.

The supreme body of the grouping is its General Meeting consisting of representatives of member municipalities. Another important body is the Council of the Microregion which has 11 members. The grouping is presided by its Chairman and 2 Vice Chairmen.


In 2005, the microregion managed to obtain subsidies from European resources, through which it supported 10 projects (3 x private sector, 7x public sector) in a value of CZK 5.100 million within the framework of its project entitled "MOSt do Evropy I" (Bridge to Europe I).

In 2006, it supported again 10 projects with an amount of CZK 6.623 million within the framework of its project entitled "MOST do Evropy II" (Bridge to Europe II).

In the period of 2007 - 2010, the microregion followed up to 2 already implemented projects, namely Cyclist Path Signage Study (2005) and Cyclist Path Signage Implementation (2006).

In 2008, the microregion implemented a project whose deliverables included printed promotional materials on member municipalities of the microregion in Czech, English and German, as well as a tourist web portal.

Total costs of the project were CZK 801,775.80, the subsidy part accounted for CZK 720,234.50.

In 2008, a long-term project concerning creation of the Community Plan of Social Services in the Microregion and the Catalogue of Providers of Social Services was completed.

In 2009, the microregion got involved in the work focused on the building up of the Czech Point service sites in its municipalities, especially through the assistance provided to municipalities during tenders for suppliers of technical equipment.


In 2011, a project aimed at support of cycling tourism was implemented. The project deliverables included 70,000 cycling maps with texts in German, English and Czech, as well as completion of the web portal of the microregion with pages dedicated to cycling tourism.

Total project value: CZK 342,492.-               Subsidy amount: CZK 300,155.-

In 2011, the Emergency Ambulance Service (ZZS) of the Highlands Region asked member municipalities of the Microregion of Velké Meziříčí and Velká Bíteš for a financial contribution for the purchase of the LUCAS instrument for equipment of the pro Emergency Ambulance Service vehicle.

The financial donation for equipment of the ambulance vehicle in Velké Meziříčí was provided by 33 member municipalities - altogether CZK 252,166.-.

The price of the instrument was: CZK 269,830.-.


In 2013, the municipalities of the microregion proceeded in joint cooperation while ensuring energy performance certificates of their buildings.

The latest and for now the last common project of municipalities of the microregion is their joint purchase of energies at the energy exchange. For 2014, altogether 53 entities, member municipalities and their allowance organisations purchased energies. Total savings of financial means at this purchase were CZK 2,739,837.




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